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SHISEIDO Elixir Superieur Facial Effect Massage Cream 93g


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Gently massage with cream that feels like melting. Gives a lively luster and firmness, and leads to a neater and tighter impression.  

* Package design is subject to change without notice.


●After lotion, apply a cherry-sized amount to your fingertips and massage. Then gently wipe off with tissue paper.   

<Method of massage> 

●Use the middle and ring fingers that are gentle on the skin.

1. Draw a spiral to pull up from the center of the forehead and press the temple. Grate the sides of the nose, and apply a little force to move the nostrils up and down. Around the mouth, pull up the corners of the mouth.

2. Pull the cheeks outward in a spiral motion, and finally press the temples. For the area around the eyes, press the hollow under the inner corner of the eyebrow, slide it around, and finally press the temple.  

●Afterwards, gently wipe off with tissue paper.   

<A simple massage that you can easily do when you want to quickly increase the amount of makeup applied>

●After applying lotion, take 2 pearl-sized drops on your fingertips, spread over the entire face and massage.

1. Draw a large circle to lift the cheeks, then lift the corners of the mouth and sides of the nostrils.

2. Draw a large circle to lift the forehead, gently draw a circle around the eyes, and finally press the temples.  

●Afterwards, gently wipe off with tissue paper.