RMK Flawless Cover Concealer


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Pact type concealer that spreads creamily and melts into your skin. The thin-filmed layer creates a finish without any feeling of thickness. Accurately cover any skin concerns with the effects of carefully developed shades.
Recommended for those who want to accurately cover any skin concerns, or those who want to adjust the shades according to your preferences.

Highlight colors that give the skin brightness and clarity
01 Beige with bright pink to create a soft and clear look
02 Beige with the right balance of yellow and red to give the skin natural brightness

Correctional colors that cover tone inconsistencies of each skin concern
03 Pink to cover dullness and bluish dark circles, adds a natural complexion
04 Orange to cover grey tone inconsistencies, pigmentation, brownish dullness, and dark spots
05 Yellow to cover redness, acne scars and brownish dark circles

- After applying makeup primer, take some of the concealer on the brush or your fingertip, and blend it into the area around your eyes or areas of concern.